At age 60 I started pilates with Janis and lost 1.5 inches on my waist in 6 weeks. My flexibility, core strength and stability have all increased. Pilates with Janis’s training is fun and an exercise program that’s easy to “stick with” Lynn Dudley

Janis has been my Health Coach for a number of months now. She’s super knowledgeable and personable. I especially like that she supports me by letting me choose what I want to work on each week. It’s very empowering for me vs. being “told” what to do. I’m seeing better results than Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal and other programs that make me feel like a failure if I fall off the wagon for a few days. I also have a busy life, so I appreciate that when we meet over the phone we can get down to business and have an action plan by the end of the call. I love her approach and would recommend her health coaching packages for anyone who is done with being tired, overweight and feeling guilty about nutrition and fitness. Jen Horvath

Janis is awesome! If you’re considering an instructor, look no further. I’ve lived in different cities and tried different instructors, no one comes close to her approach – making it fun, interesting and challenging while producing results. Highly recommend. Raelene

anis is a great coach! I enjoyed body rolling with Janis so much that I took my husband and kids to see her, too. She is completely knowledgeable on different body types and seeing the results in my family is almost as good as feeling the results in me. Go see Janis, you won’t regret it! Susan Quirk

I started working with Janis because of her incredible knowledge of pilates and Yamuna and the way she customizes training sessions based on each clients particular needs. In addition to meeting all of my fitness goals, I also learned a lot from Janis about nutrition and general well-being that has helped me a great deal. I highly recommend her services! Jessica del Grande

My back was in pain for nearly 5 years when I first saw Janis. It was hard to sit or stand for extended periods of time. Travelling was extremely tough as it is not always easy to sit when you want. When I first saw Janis, she immediately saw that something was wrong. She gave me exercises which helped me reduce my pain. Fast forward a couple years later and my back is better than before. Travelling is a lot more enjoyable as I am in a lot less pain. Janis gave me exercises to do while I am travelling and those help immensely. She is very professional and truly cares about her clients. She also has a unique ability to notice I am in pain or that something is off even before I tell her. Working with her has been one of the best investments in my body that I have made. Jason Wong

Love pilates! Love Janis! As a beginner to pilates, Janis’ approach has made every class fun, challenging and effective. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn about my body, pilates and how to apply this to all areas of fitness generally and specifically running. I feel stronger, more toned with a noticeable improvement in my runs. Recommended by a friend, I too strongly recommend Janis and My Body Couture. So happy to have found her! Raelene

Janis provides not only tailored fitness workout and tips but because she has a lot of anatonomy knowledge, she’s educating us as well to understand why we get the aches and pains and trouble spots that we have. Highly recommend her classes, especially to moms struggling with their post-partum shape. Jan Nicholson

Three years ago a repetitive shoulder injury and hip joint pain really put an end to my workouts. I would try exercising only to be set back again and again by pain and discomfort. I was the biggest skeptic that anyone could do anything, as I thought I had tried it all, and then I met Janis. Within a few short weeks of meeting with her, I have made such amazing progress. I have regained a lot of my mobility and can see a path to exercising again! There are added benefits too; the toning of my muscles, posture correction, and living pain free. Thanks so much Janis for your ability to guide my body back to health. Kirsten Wreggit

I have been having really bad neck/shoulder and upper back problems for several years, as the result of a weakness/instability in my rotator-cuff. After a couple of bad flare ups in the space of about a year, and after my physiotherapist recommending I try Yoga or Pilates a number of times, I signed up for a Yoga/Pilates fusion class at my gym being taught by Janis.

Having seen quite a bit of improvement just from attending this class casually, I arranged some private coaching sessions in her studio so she could better assess my shoulder and recommend the right exercises. I found that receiving individual assessment and a specific set of exercises to address the underlying issue PLUS, being able to ask questions, receive feedback and updates/tweaks to my program based on my progress and her observations has really helped.

I’m really happy with my progress so far and my shoulder, neck and back continue to improve as I follow Janis’ advice!

Carrick Lebrecht

Working with Janis really changed the way I looked at my diet and exercise habits – and with great results! Her approach makes so much sense and is easy to start using right away. I would recommend her to anyone with fitness and nutrition-related goals. Janice Vetters

After years of modelling, stilettos were leading to debilitating back and neck pain. Janis worked with me to improve my core stability so I no longer suffer. My abs and arms look better than ever, and her easy tips are now part of my daily life. Brianna Barnes

When I met Janis I could not exercise without pain and further injury. I had fractured my tibia, tore my ACL, meniscus, twisted my knee cap etc. After months of working together my knee is strong and stable. She has worked on all of my muscles to make each one strong and supporting my body structure properly. Our sessions are challenging, interesting and fun. Janis uses LOTS of different props and techniques in every workout. She “reads” my body to see what is best for me each time. My body has definition everywhere!!! Arms, back,legs, butt, waist!!! My muscles are firm and sculpted.

BUT, the very best part of her routines is I feel fantastic at the end of each one. I can go through my day looking better and feeling stronger, not exhausted, like I did with my previous training programs.

Janis truly provides a unique, effective, and individualized experience. I love it. I am sure you will too.

Tammy Schmidt

I’ve been taking Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling with Janis for over a year now, and previously went through her health coaching program. Both are amazing. The health coaching came at the right time, right after I had a baby and was struggling to get back into eating properly and being as active. I lost weight and changed the way I eat – I became a vegan as an end result of the coaching.

I then added Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling to address some 10+ year old injuries that were impacting my daily life and activities. Since starting, my mobility has improved, I’m no longer in daily pain and my figure has also changed significantly. People think I’ve lost weight, even though the scale hasn’t budged a bit. I’m even stronger than I used to be! I’m definitely stronger than I used to be, and my core strength is now back. Most importantly, my pelvic floor is seeing improvements. I highly recommend seeing Janis to transform your body, in ways that you may┬ánot have expected.

Diane Sandbrand

Janis is a great coach. I’ve learned a lot about how my body works (or doesn’t work!) And how to retrain it. She stays on top of making sure I attend my sessions. She works around d my busy travel schedule and gives me homework. I really enjoy our time together and the changes I have seen. Gord Phillips

Thank you so so so much for the pilates workout this morning! Feel like I’m on my way to a 6-pack (well…almost). I got a little sweaty, a sexy-ish tan, oh… And my abs lit on fire thanks to you! So stoked for all of your future events!!!! Grace Rivero

Janis saved me! Before I met her I suffered from multiple mobility issues. She turned it around and today I am pain free. No drugs, no surgery. Highly recommended, you will not regret it, guaranteed. Nancy Potts

Janis is phenomenal to work with. As a fitness trainer I am very aware of my body and yet Janis has me feel things in a whole new and incredibly effective way. I get way more out of my workouts since working with her. I am now referring all my clients to her. Charly Kelly

My wife and I attended a session with Janis and were impressed by how effective the session was. We were just visiting Calgary at the time, but would definitely go back. Matt Sparrow

Janis and My Body Couture are amazing! With her help and guidance my body was transformed for my wedding day! I dropped 4 dress sizes (with Janis’ diet guidance) and had svelte arms for the strapless dress. She was able to help me perfect my form and truly love pilates. I went from beginner to advanced in a very short time. Pilates and My Body Couture are now a staple in my workout regiment. It is amazing and I highly recommend working out at My Body Couture. She is efficient, organized and will help to push you to a higher level! Carmela

After living in New York City for 10 yrs, I discovered one of my challenges is fitting exercise in my schedule. I also have never had a gym membership and it was not really my scene. My fitness regimen consisted primarily dancing in shows, running in Central Park or cycling with wounded veterans. In my search for an alternate workout Janis introduced me to My Body Couture. Her private studio created a vigorous yet practical workout I could apply even in the comfort of my home. Janis’ careful attention to my physical needs (slight scoliosis, hyper extended knees) helped me reach my personal goals to gain strength in areas that were weak. Even my husband noticed my toned core and gluteus maximus within my first 2 months of weekly sessions! You can count on Janis crafting a regimen that fits your personal fitness needs, guiding your nutritional knowledge, and teaching you to build a lifestyle of healthy yet stylish living. Janis is an excellent, intuitive, competent, organized, and sensible top-notch coach and trainer. My Body Couture supports and improves the beautiful body you already possess; it is fashion-forward to fitness!/p> Debralee

Active for years running and lifting weights I wasn’t getting the results I wanted once I’d entered my forties. Then I met Janis and she introduced me to Pilates and Yamuna ball rolling. I’m building and maintaining flexibility and strength using gentler methods, and I am fitter than I was in my 30s. With Janis’ guidance I’ve overcome old injuries and truly healed my body from several pregnancies. Janis is observant when my body is out of alignment and her recommendations for between class remedial work keeps me on track with my fitness goals. I highly recommend her personalized services. Carolyn Pada

Janis has an understanding of the human body that few people have. Many years ago I had a parachuting accident that left my hips unaligned. Chiropractor, massage etc..never had the ability to realign me for more than a day. A few sessions with Janis helped strengthen my muscles to realign and create a permanent non-invasive fix. I strongly recommend Janis. Jyde Heaven

As many have mentioned, Janis is a highly skilled and gifted practitioner, however what sets her above others in her field is her ability to draw on a wide range of experiences both in work and life; her personality, her gusto and her sassy sense of fun…it made the process of my therapy and personal improvement not seem like a chore or work, rather something to look forward to and carry over into every aspect of my life. When ‘work’ is fun it’s no longer work! Duane Coombs

As a dance teacher, I am no stranger to injuries. Janis worked with me to help me better understand how I could work to reduce current back pain. After only a few sessions, both me and my Chiropractor noticed huge improvement in many areas and a drastic reduction in back pain. Megan Gauley

Janis has been my Pilates instructor, Yamuna coach and friend for many years. Under her tutelage I have learned so much and transformed my body and at my (any) age that’s amazing! Cindy G

Janis and My Body Couture are amazing! With her help and guidance my body was transformed for my wedding day! I dropped 4 dress sizes (with Janis’ diet guidance) and had svelte arms for the strapless dress. She was able to help me perfect my form and truly love pilates. I went from beginner to advanced in a very short time. Pilates and My Body Couture are now a staple in my workout regiment. It is amazing and I highly recommend working out at My Body Couture. She is efficient, organized and will help to push you to a higher level! Carmela Cipriano

Janis is passionate about the work she does and how she helps people. She listens well to her clients and applies her knowledge in ways that truly help achieve the client’s desired outcome. She taught me how to walk, stand and lay down as an adult. Sounds silly, but it is true. Years of bad habits had resulted in poor posture and pain. She helped me understand and adjust in minutes, gave me tips that I will carry forward for the rest of my life.
She is just as passionate about how she runs her business and helps her team. Her background in fashion comes forward in how she approaches all the small details of her business. Everything is well put together and thought out.
I highly recommend and respect Janis and everything she does.


Weekly reformer sessions with MBC help tone and lengthen my muscles, and I have developed a keen body awareness and sense of balance. Janis is a flexible, intuitive teacher whose mat-based “homework” helps me find a way to incorporate the choreography into the rest of my week’s gym routine. Her recommendations for tweaks in my diet yielded great results: I feel energized, nimble, and sleek. Jill

have had three appointments with Janis and I have never felt so good. I have had a constant knot and pain in my right shoulder for over 10 years and after my third appointment with her yesterday and for the first time the knot is gone!!! I also partially tore my MCL in my left knee 3 years ago and have had problems gaining strength back in my leg. After one session of starting to retrain my body and mind to properly activate certain muscle groups i can finally feel the muscles fire properly. Janis’s knowledge of the body mechanics and ability to assess and correct so quickly is unbelievable. I wish I had met her while I was playing basketball in college. I am looking forward to working with her and seeing how much my body changes. Jerrilyn

My son had a sports related injury that just was not getting better even with physio and rest. A friend recommended Janis and I took my son to see her. We both felt very comfortable with Janis right from meeting her. She is professional, knowledgeable, warm, and kind-hearted. After the first exercise that Janis had him do, his wrist was feeling better! It has now been months since he has seen Janis, but his wrist continues to be fine as long as he does a very quick exercise a couple of times a week. Janis also worked with him on injury prevention and this has been invaluable to him in terms of being able to continue to train 20 hours a week at a sport that he loves. Janis was absolutely amazing with my son and explained everything to him in a way that even a 13 year old boy could understand – not something that just anyone can do;) He now

understands the importance of taking care of his body and what he can do to reduce the chance of injury.

I was so impressed with Janis and her work that I have recommended her to several other friends.

Thank-you Janis!!!

Cheryl Ritter Sawatzky

I’ve been seeing Janis for years now and it’s has transformed my life. I had chronic daily pain that was impacting my entire state of mind. I also didn’t have the regular range of motion I should have, all due to a skidoo accident over a decade ago. It took a few years, as my body was quite stiff, but I have been pain free for a few years now and it’s transformed my life. I have the normal range of motion most people have, and have increased both strength and flexibility for areas that I favoured previously.

I still see Janis regularly and have amazing core strength which helps me in everything I do.

Diane Sandbrand

I have been working with Janis for 3 years now. Her knowledge of the body and the different modalities she incorporates into my workouts have made a world of difference to me. My posture and core strength has improved greatly, which has changed how I move, sit and sleep! She has given me knowledge to know what to do when I feel out of sync or tight. I use yamuna ball rolling and Yin yoga a few times a week to stay out of pain. I have had such great success with her, I have taken all 3 of my children to her for their sports related injuries. The improvements they have had far exceeds any physio that had been done prior. They do their ball rolling and exercises on a regular basis in order to prevent further injuries. What Janis has taught us is great for living life to its fullest! Janis is fun, personable and knowledgeable! I highly recommend seeing Janis to learn healthy ways to lead a full life! Marianne Cairns

I started working with Janis after a public pilates demonstration, which was one of the most enjoyable group fitness classes I’ve ever attended. She started me off with analyzing my body’s alignment & movements, and recommending some Yamuna body rolling techniques and Yin Yoga. We worked on core alignment & strength. I have never felt better, & continue to gain strength & flexibility! Janis is down-to-earth, practical, and very knowledgeable about the body. Highly recommended! Dr Angela Grace Buxton

I discovered Janis and My Body Couture mid-January when I made a decision (as so many do at that time of year) to pick up my level of activity after dropping the 3 years of boot camp late 2012. I had tried Pilates maybe 5 years before and enjoyed it but didn’t think it was my thing. Turns out at this time in my life it is my thing and the best thing I could do. Janis is encouraging, complimentary and motivating. I have learned so much – she is skilled at letting you know exactly what she wants your body to do and how to do it. My body has changed dramatically – I feel stronger and steadier than ever. And at 47 I have more confidence than I ever have. I cannot wait to go to the next level (for me) and start machine work @ My Body Couture! I sincerely very highly recommend Janis and My Body Couture! Thank you!! Cindy

JJanis is an amazing movement specialist and has taught me so much about my own body mechanics! I am excited to continue to work with her. She is 100% there for her clients. She is a wonderful human being and truly an expert at what she does with movement and nutrition. Plus her studio is stunning! I definitely recommend her, wholeheartedly. Michelle Esau

I started working with Janis because of her incredible knowledge of pilates and Yamuna and the way she customizes training sessions based on each clients particular needs. In addition to meeting all of my fitness goals, I also learned a lot from Janis about nutrition and general well-being that has helped me a great deal. I highly recommend her services! Janice Vetters